The Real War On Drugs. Two Men Are Taking On Cartels…And Winning (Video)

Arriving in theaters next month, the Sundance Award-winning documentary Cartel Land is the result of a partnership between Vice and the Orchard, a film and television distribution studio. Both entities are known for their global approach to film-making in an effort to provide audiences with intimate portrayals of life around the world. This film in particular serves as a look into the world of vigilante justice as it pertains to drug trafficking on the United States-Mexico border, an ongoing ordeal that continues to bring incredible surges of violence in states like Arizona and Texas (as well as countless instances of bloodshed in Mexico). The film was directed by Matthew Heineman, and the Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow has been brought on board as an executive director.

While cartel-related issues on the border are nothing new, popular culture in the last few decades has added an allure to trafficking, particularly through music. Artists like Capone-N-Noreaga name themselves after infamous drug lords, and an enormous amount of lyrical content in the music of the likes of Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and others describe pushing weight and all of the related illegal activity surrounding the lifestyle. This film will serve as a reality check for those whose entire conceptions about drug trafficking are based on the lyrics of a few.

Check out the trailer here.

While a soundtrack hasn’t been released, do you think the film will use songs Heads are familiar with as a sonic backdrop?

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