This Large Professor Mix Celebrates The Explosiveness Of Rap’s Mad Scientist (Mix)

Tomorrow (June 9), Large Professor is releasing his fifth solo album, RE: Living Legend. The Queens, New York iconic MC/producer/DJ is more than 25 years deep in making monumental Hip-Hop albums.

As a high school student, the Extra P studied under the late, great Paul C., various techniques of sampling, programming and mixing. Upon Paul’s tragic murder, the man born William Paul Mitchell stepped in to finish Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em by Eric B & Rakim. One year later, the Large Professor would lead a group of fresh-faced Canadian artists to the top of the Rap consciousness through Main Source’s Breaking Atoms.

In the years that followed, Large Pro is deeply responsible for hits from (and in some cases, careers) Nas, Akinyele, and Mad Skillz. Notoriously reserved from the spotlight, the onetime Geffen Records artist has enjoyed a career with more mystique than self-aggrandizing. Moreover, woes separated Large Pro from the crew he made famous, and left his stellar 1996 The LP (now legitimately released) solo debut shelved. Always relevant, the Professor played the background, and helped assist a coming crop of MCs and albums in Cormega, Non-Phixion, and Joell Ortiz.

With Large Pro on our minds, and forever in our ears, Its Overture presents Mad Science: The Large Professor Story. This 40-plus minute mix does what The LP does not often do: tell his story and play some samples. From Nas to Rakim, artists talk about “the brother with glasses” that helped make their sounds fresh. Moreover, the extensively researched mix drops a needle on things that even novice and better Heads may not have heard—in a while anyway.

Perfectly timed, watch Its Overture (and Large Professor) do their thing.

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