Twitter Is Making Moves. And Even Snoop Is Down For The Next Episode

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Last week, Snoop Dogg jokingly tweeted “First Order of Business! Get that Moolah! #SnoopforCEO.” He was referring to the recent news of a change in leadership at Twitter, where former CEO Dick Costolo stepped down amid a slump in the social media network’s expansion as of late. Yes, the online juggernaut has been under-performing, losings users, and struggling to reinvent itself amid the ever-changing digital media environment (which, ironically, it helped to create). Beginning July 1, Chairman of the Board Jack Dorsey will take the helm and try his hand at reinventing the twittersphere to make it more user-friendly, welcoming to third-party apps, and with better filtering algorithms (and a host of other ideas being served up by various outlets).

With artists like Janet Jackson and Kanye West taking to Twitter to make official announcements, the social network’s role in the music industry’s changing landscape is integral. In a broader sense, Twitter is where many of us go to share, learn, and play, which makes its intuitiveness all the more important. Even without the Doggfather as its CEO, the site has ample opportunity to expand its appeal to current and future generations of users. Components like filtering tweets from favorite accounts, content highly focused to specific interests, and longer character limits have all been suggested, and it appears that Twitter is listening. Just today, it was announced that direct/private messages (or DMs, as they’re colloquially known) will no longer be limited to a length of 140 characters.

What ideas do you have to make Twitter more appealing? Is Snoop Dogg what

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