Yasiin Bey Makes A Clutch Appearance Alongside The Vibrant Golden Rules (Lyric Video)

Whether with De La Soul, High & Mighty, Gorillaz, or DJ Honda, Yasiin Bey (f/k/a Mos Def) knows how to elevate tracks from a feature role. The Brooklyn, New York native plays guest on Golden Rules’ “Never Die.”

The Lex Records-backed project from producer Paul White (Homeboy Sandman, Danny Brown, Charli XCX) and MC Eric Biddines. The latter, a Florida native, kicks the kind of slow, introspective southern drawl musing that draws Devin The Dude and Andre 3000 to mind. After Paul channels in a boisterous Soul vocal for the chorus, Bey comes in with a rhythmic fable. The collaboration is jazzy, soulful, and something that makes Golden Rules shine, entering their album.

Although Yasiin is talking about a third-person narrative, this lyric (as seen in the video rings strong): “Now his face is everywhere, but he’s hard to find.”

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