30 Years Later, Dr. Dre Returns To His Radio Roots (Video)

Radio has been a major part of Dr. Dre’s career. Through courageous radio stations, music by World Class Wreckin’ Cru, N.W.A., Dre, and his litany of proteges reached the world, and made dozens of would-be household names and timeless hits.

However, to those who lived and worked in Greater Los Angeles during the mid-1980s, Dre has had an even heavier hand in the AM tuner dial. Andre Young, when a budding DJ/producer/MC in World Class Wreckin’ Cru joined his band-mate (and would be N.W.A. partner) DJ Yella to make a series of mixes for highly-influential radio station, KDAY. These mixes, part of “The Traffic Jam,” would build Dre’s brand, before his N.W.A. tenure even began.

A new trailer for Beats 1 Radio shows that 30 years later, Dr. Dre returns to radio, care of “The Pharmacy.” Dre and a series of displayed (not not named co-hosts) kick off the program today (July 4) at 6pm EST, according to Daily Mail:

What did Dre’s mid-’80s sets sound like? AFH has got you:

The series will be exclusive to Apple Music’s Beats 1. In related news, Apple Music (Beats affiliate) is now the first and exclusive paid-streaming platform for Dr. Dre’s recently re-acquired solo debut album, The Chronic.

Think Dr. Dre will be active in this radio show, proving that all good things move in cycles?

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