Chris Rivers & Termanology Freestyle Over Classic Black Moon Heat (Audio)

In the latest of Chris Rivers’ recent Friday deliveries, he and Termanology spit over Black Moon’s 1993 cut “How Many MCs?” Produced by DJ Evil Dee & Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz, the track is emblematic of the dungeony Hip-Hop that was emanating from Brownsville, Brooklyn at the time. More than 20 years later, the track is providing the backdrop for these two MCs as they drop some verses drenched in some good ol’ fashioned bravado aimed at those they deem to be subpar.

“How many MCs can stand against Chris? Well, let me see/I’ma break off some Einstein shit, e=MC2 and I’m ex-infinity, so MCs scared,” Rivers quips. Termanology is no less bold, even alluding to Bill Cosby’s transgressions. “You got a deuce, that’s a $2 bill, and you prolly hit her with them puddin’ pop pills.”

Today’s release echoes Rivers’ and Termanology’s tête–à–tête on their Big Daddy Kane-inspired freestyle on “Ain’t No Halfsteppin’.” Rivers has been dropping jewels on a weekly basis recently in anticipation of M.C. (Medicated Consumption), a mixtape scheduled to drop soon. Check it out.

This isn’t the first time “How Many MCs?” was given the treatment by a contemporary artist. Earlier this year Lloyd Banks freestyled over the same joint, begging the question…who rocked it best?

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