Follow the Leader: A$AP Rocky Got More Than a Name From Rakim (Video)

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A$AP Rocky (born Rakim Meyers), shared his first album-buying experience, an experience younger generations of Heads may never have. For most, buying one’s first C.D. or cassette tape was an almost religious experience; the ritual of getting to the store, hoping it hadn’t sold out, unwrapping the plastic, removing the sticky labels, checking out the artwork, and finally popping it in and zoning out. In a segment for “The Tonight Show,” the 26-year-old Meyers took us back to 1997, when he visited the now-defunct Tower Records store in the shopping mall of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

His first purchase? A double-cassette featuring the God MC’s solo work and a bonus tape featuring some of his classics, including work with Eric B. As he tells us, he nearly passed on the tape for the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Luckily, his sage brother said “man, you’re trippin’. Your name is Rakim!” He goes on to quote some of his favorite lyrics from “Know the Ledge,” and while it’s not clear whether he was named after the Hip-Hop icon, it’s evident Rakim’s influence has certainly charted much of A$AP Rocky’s course into the game.  Check it out.

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