Guilty Simpson Eviscerates New Track In Less Than Two Minutes (Audio)

Since his appearance on Slum VIllage’s 2002 album Dirty District: Vol. 1, Guilty Simpson has aligned himself with the grimey boom-bap of Detroit, even after signing to the West Coast-based Stones Throw label. Two solo and five collaboration albums later, the Motor City native has released “Vanguard Organization,” a song whose title may be a clue about what the mad scientists at Stones Throw have in store in the coming months.

“Vanguard,” a word for “a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas” is a fitting description for the Quakers, a label-wide hodgepodge featuring upwards of 30 artists whose eponymous 2012 debut was anchored by producers and Portishead members Fuzzface and 7-Stu-7, as well as the Australia.’s Katalyst. Reportedly releasing a second project later this year, the trio of producers are also handling the production for Guilty Simpson’s forthcoming release, yet to be formally announced.

Whichever project this track belongs to, the heat is undeniable. Sonically, the beat is ominous, punctuated with the flare of a solid horn section and a sampling Scientifik’s 1994 song “Jungles of da East.” Simpson is at his linguistic best, mixing the silly (“beaver shit, meaning I’m doing the dam thing”) with the straightforward (“this whole record is proof I’m better / Timbs kickin’ shins of bootleggers”). Give it a listen.

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