Hannibal Buress Discovers Meek Mill is Not Trending in Beverly Hills (Video)

In the world of Hip-Hop, there is perhaps no more visible story right now than the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef. Ardent users of social media may be feeling like they’re seeing the story everywhere, which is probably not an incorrect observation, depending on who one asks. The back and forth between the two rappers (in addition to the chiming in of millions of Heads) has become the topic du jour amongst fans of Rap, but elsewhere the conversation may not even be making a ripple.

On his new Comedy Central show, “Why?”, comedian Hannibal Buress hit the streets with a camera crew with a very simple goal. He wanted to find out if Meek Mill’s name resonated with folks outside of the typical rap bubble. And, based on the results in this sketch, the answer is a resounding “no.” In and around Beverly Hills, Buress approaches unsuspecting passersby, and the reactions to “Who is Meek Mill?” are straight comedy. Check it out.

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