Inspectah Deck Reflects on the Good, the Bad and the Mad of ODB (Video)

It’s been more than 10 years since Hip-Hop lost one of its most eccentric and beloved personalities. With the passing of O.D.B. in 2004, one of history’s most legacied and influential Rap groups lost an integral member, one who contributed not only so much personality, but also legitimately incredible lyrics, all peppered with the bizarre and metaphysical. In an interview with VladTV, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck reminisced on the days spent with his groupmate and late friend, whom he describes him as “one of those dudes that was, like ‘yo man I’m about to go knock off this armored truck,'” and when asked for his funniest Ol’ Dirty Bastard story, he comes up with a handful.

“We had a show with Capleton….and a couple of other cats,” he begins. “We had to wait for Capleton and his crew to finish their set up…but the crowd was screaming ‘Wu-Tang!’ while Capleton was on, and you know, Dirt couldn’t wait…so he goes out in the middle of Capleton’s show and, uh, takes the mic, starts screamin’ ‘y’all don’t wanna hear no fuckin’ Capleton! Y’all wanna hear Wu-Tang, right?'”

Deck goes on to share other comedic trials of O.D.B., including very similar story featuring Method Man & Redman (flipping over turntables and thus ruining a concert), as well as a hilarious tussle with Akinyele (who reportedly alleged that Ol’ Dirty took his style). In a more subdued, poignant moment of reflection, Deck divulges a part of Dirt Dog that many never got to see. “As crazy and wild as he was though, I have to make that point that he was definitely a civilized person. He wasn’t no savage, like….people paint the picture of him being this dude that was just…didn’t give a fuck about nothin’…that’s not true, man. He cared about his lady, he cared about his babies, he cared about the people around him.”

For more of Deck’s insight into the man behind the character, check out the video below.

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