Jay Electronica Has a Strong Message for Cowards on Previously Unreleased Track (Audio)

Ever the mysterious, slightly mythical Hip-Hop demi-God, Jay Electronica’s booming vocal delivery can now be heard on a new-ish track that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. We don’t really know from whence it came, when it was made, or what project it belongs to, but it’s Wednesday, and getting over the midweek hump just got a little easier. Loaded with the political and socially transgressive critiques Heads have gotten used to, “Man Up” is fierce, culturally wise, and tinged with the driving force of revolution.

Earlier this week, Jay Elec took to Twitter and reached out to a fan picked at random, offering up an unreleased track to be dispersed to the public at his (or her) discretion. While there is no confirmation that “Man Up” is that gift from the Hip-Hop heavens, the timing is questionable. Not questionable are the lyrics. For nearly five minutes, the MC bellows about topics both philosophical and personal. He mentions George Bush, wack rappers, pharaohs, Afghanistan, and the spineless. “These cats will split your wig in the name of beef/but when the cops come, they runnin’ and tossin’ they heat,” he snickers. Press play.

With his allusions to Bush and finding a record deal, it sounds like this is a track from his archives. If so, why wait until now to release it?

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