Kid ‘N Play are the Latest Hip-Hop Icons to Be Honored on TV One’s ‘Unsung’ (Video)

In March of this year, the classic movie House Party turned 25, igniting a hilarious and nostalgic trip down Memory Lane for Heads and movie buffs. A progenitor of the Hip-Hop Comedy canon, the movie starred Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin, a Rap duo also known by their stage name, Kid ‘N Play. Along with Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, John Witherspoon and others, Kid ‘N Play incorporated facets of Hip-Hop culture like dance and fashion on the silver screen in a way that unified audiences across the country through the universal language of laughter.

Outside of their film franchise (the duo also starred in House Party 2 and 3 in the early ’90s), Kid ‘N Play originally made significant contributions to the culture through music, beginning with their 1988 debut 2 Hype. With Kid ‘n Play’s Funhouse (1990), and Face the Nation (1991), they created a legacy for themselves based on positivity, unbridled energy, and a general sense of whimsy that was infectious. They scored a number-one hit with the party anthem “Funhouse” and with their hi-top fades and upbeat dance moves (anybody remember the Funky Charleston?), the duo were an unstoppable force in the forging of an identifiably distinct Hip-Hop aesthetic.

Now, a quarter of a century later, the two will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Unsung,” a music-documentary series that airs on TV One. In anticipation, the two sat down with TV One guest host Jeff Johnson for a brief but enlightening conversation about their upcoming episode and what their legacy to Hip-Hop was, in their own words. Check out the video to hear their conversation and to catch a sneak peek of the Kid ‘N Play “Unsung” episode, which airs tonight (July 15) at 8pm/7pm CST.

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