Kool Keith & L’Orange Wander Through Time To Discover New Sounds (Video)

The latest visuals from Kool Keith and producer L’Orange’s upcoming project, Time? Astonishing!, open in a similar vein as some classic MF Doom intros or a ’60s comic book television series, a la “Superman,” where the viewers are introduced to an all new, time traveling hero, “The Wanderer,” through the sampled chatter of astonished onlookers.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…”

Narrated by Kool Keith’s rhymes of new found sonic intrigue and set functionally to L’Orange’s jazzy, piano laced Boom-Bap samples, The Wanderer begins his latest journey in the days of today, suited up in janky, yet presumably futuristic garb, and gathering new evidence and information of his discoveries to bring back to his own time. Keith’s flow is as eccentric as the production, yet slides through the track as casually and calmly as the super hero himself, and it couldn’t work more seamlessly.

Take a look:

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