Locksmith Freestyles So Hard He Scares the Beat Away…And He Has A Message (Videos)

Richmond, California’s Locksmith, a rapper who established himself early on as a vicious lyricist while partaking in MTV’s MC Freestyle Fellowship, has served up not one, but two helpings of nasty freestyling. In celebration of yesterday’s release of his Lofty Goals album, he took to the airwaves to remind Heads why the former battle rapper is a formidable opponent on and off the stage, visiting two of New York City’s preeminent Hip-Hop radio shows.

First, he hit Shade45 to visit Kay Slay, where he destroyed the mic and dropped knowledge on the music industry and society at large. “I said it for a reason, mind you, people speculate but to myself is the label I’m signed to/And I don’t feel the need to proceed, I’m reserved hardly/Do all the work and receive proceeds from a third party?/That’s absurd, sorry.” He carries on for around 4 minutes, switching between tempos with the finesse of a madman.

His next stop was Sway in the Morning with Pete Rock already in the building, and the (relative) youngster showed the two Hip-Hop kingpins what the Bay Area is really about. The Chocolate Boy Wonder served him up a beat, and he went bananas. “You smother Lock so you can boost the artists you invest in/Which is parallel to rappers that we backed to get big, talkin’ bout a bunch of shit that never match where they live/I’m trying to show you just how backwards it is/You can’t march for Mike Brown, then turn around and promote crack to these kids.” Yikes.

Lofty Goals is available on iTunes.

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