Meek Mill Says Drake Does Not Write His Own Rhymes. Pillow Talk?

The same week that watched former collaborators Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson enter at least a one-sided beef, the trend continues. Meek Mill was at Drake’s side in the famed 2012 club incident that resulted in lawsuits, and an all-out attack between Drake and Chris Brown. On July 22, via Twitter, Meek Mill appears to be anything but Drake’s ally.

In a series of tweets, the Maybach Music Group MC, who recently achieved his first #1 album in Dreams Worth More Than Money, is questioning the creative authenticity of Drake. The 2000s contemporaries have collaborated multiple times, most notably on one of Meek’s breakthrough video singles, “Amen.” In the tirade, Meek states his belief that that the Young Money MC/singer does not write his own rhymes. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native says that had he known that in the past, Drake would not be on his albums. Take a look at some of the tweets directed at Drake in a series of tweets that attacked (current girlfriend) Nicki Minaj’s previous boyfriend Safaree Samuels, white MCs winning awards, and more. In the mix, Meek compares himself more to Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, than Drake.

Here are the specific tweets surrounding Drake:

The last tweet refers to “R.I.C.O.” on Meek’s new album. Specifically, Drake rhymed “The girl of your dreams is probably not a challenge.” Presumably, Meek perceived the line to refer to his newly-public relationship with Drake label-mate and longtime collaborator Nicki Minaj. To stress that his social media account was not hacked, Meek Mill moved to Instagram, with an effective burden of proof:

  I’m not hacked either….. I don’t change me mind!   A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Do you think rhyme-writing is really the basis off this beef? Does this put Nicki Minaj in an especially awkward position?

Perhaps most importantly, do you think Drake pens his own rhymes? If not, why?

Take a listen to the bars in question:

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