Method Man & Redman Are Back And Keeping It Straight Gutter (Audio)

Whether as individuals, or as a team, Method Man and Redman have become stars, almost by accident. The Staten Island-Newark tandem is as talented as they come in Hip-Hop, but neither the Wu-Tang Clan MC or the Def Squad lyricist ever seemed to tailor their theses to the mainstream. Instead, it’s been quite the opposite. Even for some Hip-Hop Heads, both MCs made music strictly in their terms, with themes, styles, and attitudes that were uncompromisingly grimy.

From Meth’s upcoming Tommy Boy Entertainment project, The Meth Lab (August 21), “Straight Gutta” is a predicted centerpiece. The single features Red’, along with Meth’s longtime protege Streetlife, as well as Shaolin’s Hanz On.

Heaving on firearm imagery, the track employs a classic 4/4 break-beat for all four MCs to truly showcase on. Every MC brings their A-game, in a song drenched in wordplay, and verbal styles. As Meth’ told AFH he wanted to do with The Meth Lab, the moment brings shine to Hanz and Street’, both of whom hold more than their own with the Red & Meth all-stars.

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