Relive The First Time Main Source, Nas, Akinyele & Fatal Performed Live At The BBQ (Video)

Is there a Hip-Hop album cut more definitive than Main Source’s “Live At The BBQ”? The 1991 Breaking Atoms track would be an introduction to not only Nas, not only Akinyele, but also MC-turned-producer Joe Fatal. Large Professor’s bars were especially lethal on a song that has become an important part of many Nas sets nearly 25 years later.

Without a video (there of course was one for MC Serch’s sequel of sorts, “Back To The Grill Again”), Heads often touch the essence through audio only. However, thanks Ralph McDaniels’ Video Music Box (and Crates Of JR’s curation and ego trip!), the moment can be relived. Catch a rare moment in time featuring Main Source and the guests in all their glory… this might just be a sole moment in time:

As an aside, Large Professor rocked at the 2015 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (co-hosted by Uncle Ralph) earlier today (July 11).

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