Thundercat & Flying Lotus Make Heartbreak Sound Unusually Cool (Video)

Less than one month ago, Thundercat released The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam. The Kendrick Lamar collaborator is hard to pin down. The Brainfeeder release involves his Los Angeles, California contemporary Flying Lotus, as well as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (the classically-trained musician responsible for the incredible Suite For Ma Dukes Dilla-inspired album/DVD).

“Them Changes” is one of the June album’s six tracks. With a clear-cut Isley Brothers percussion ode at the song’s opening, it certainly draws for the late ’70s, early ’80s style of R&B. Joined by Fly-Lo, the breakup record features warm Shuggie Otis-style melodies, deft guitar work, and lyrics that go deeper than the average. The video is abstract, something that both musicians enjoy–perhaps a product of their Jazz influences. Although it’s a sad song, with pained lyrics, it sure sounds sweet:

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