Travel Back To Big L, Cam’ron & Ma$e Freestyling on Stretch & Bobbito in 1996 (Audio)

The Children Of The Corn is a group shrouded in mystery. The Harlem, New York collective included four would-be major label lyricists in Big L, Ma$e, McGruff, and Cam’ron. However, many fans of those individuals are unfamiliar with the group that also included producer Digga (Jay Z, 50 Cent, Shyheim) and the late Bloodshed.

However, did you know that in April 1996, the collective went up to Stretch & Bobbito’s WKCR Columbia University show? Two years later, it might have seemed hard to imagine Ma$e (then, one of Rap’s biggest stars) kickin’ it with DJ Rob Swift, Roc Raida, and Mista Sinista in those Ferris Booth Hall studios (for the last time, by the way). However, it happened—and it’s immortalized by DJ Eclipse’s foresight to record (which makes sense, as he was the man behind the tables). Following Big L bringing Jay Z to Stretch & Bob, Big L ushers in Bloodshed, Murda Ma$e, Killa Cam. Every MC brings their A-game, and what’s wild—their styles (as known in time) were unchanged.

In Eclipse’s dub (which includes the X-Ecutioners, a personal set, snaps from Lord Sear, and caller pranks, as well as three hours of hot mid-’90s Hip-Hop flavor spun by Eclipse, with a demo’s set by Kool Bob Love), the 1:07:00 mark is the Children Of The Corn slash attack. Ma$e raps about his Wu-Wear wardrobe (to Cam’s ad-libs), while Bloodshed shows his rugged raps, while Big L drops comical punchlines amidst the makings of his “Dignified Soldiers” verse. Cam’ cracks up the studio with some raunchy raps. Then New York Governor George Pataki and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are assailed in lyrics. After another MC named Beef The Thief (of B.B.O Enterprises) hops in, all the C.O.C. MCs (less McGruff, who was M.I.A. and Big L) come back for an encore, extended freestyle. This is rare history:


All this hunger, a year after the release of Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous (which featured McGruff and Cam)


For more Children Of The Corn songs, check YouTube:

Children Of The Corn may be the draw, but this whole 180 minutes is worth every bit of your time, for lovers of laughter, Hip-Hop, and raw New York City history.

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