Your Old Droog Is On the Rise But He’s Still Happy Being Under the Radar (Audio)

Now that we know he’s not Nas, Your Old Droog has been proving to be good enough just being himself. The 25-year-old Ukrainian MC and Brooklyn native already has an eponymous full-length album, two EPs (Your Old Droog EP and Kinison EP), an interview in the prestigious New Yorker magazine, and a spot as an opening act for PRhyme under his belt (and he’s only been around for a couple of years). He’s also the subject of “A Droogy Droog World,” a mini-documentary

The Brooklyn rapper will be releasing his third EP, The Nicest, on July 17. Earlier today, he released “We Don’t Know You,” a jazzy joint produced by longtime collaborator DJ Skizz that sounds like it could be from a long-lost Gang Starr record. The title may or may not be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the mystique that has surrounded him since his arrival, but he certainly seems aware of the irony in his keeping a low profile only to become the subject of others’ attention. In the song, he references all of the hangers-on who clamor to work with him now that he’s accumulating buzz, but he seems perfectly content with remaining unassuming: “I don’t make music for mass consumption, why you got that make-up on? You maskin’ somethin’?” Check it out.

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