Apollo Brown & Your Old Droog Release a Soulful Anti-Drug PSA (Audio)

Apollo Brown & Your Old Droog have teamed up to spin a tale of those lost to drugs on the second single for Brown’s forthcoming Mello Music Group release, Grandeur. On “Not That Guy,” the producer-MC duo mourn the downfall of people who have opted to chase the high and forego the pursuit of health and happiness. Brown’s beautiful sampling of the Jaggerz’ 1970 song “Memoirs of the Traveller” lends itself to the somber tone of the song’s content, and Your Old Droog’s sentimentality is punctuated by the harsh reality checks that must be brought forth in an effort to save a drowning comrade from reaching rock bottom.

Droog’s forthcoming lyrics, about his personal choices to steer clear of intoxicants, is what makes this song particularly soulful; in an industry where partying, alcohol, and drugs are ubiquitous, hearing an MC champion a life of relative sobriety is not only refreshing, but adds a significant level of vulnerability to an artist. “I decline to take a pull so they callin’ me a punk, on some Charles Bukowski shit, I’d rather be a drunk,” he quips.

The song follows “Detonate,” Grandeur‘s first single featuring M.O.P.  The LP is dropping on September 25 and can be pre-ordered directly through Mello Music Group.

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