Blackalicious Make A Grand Return To Lung Collapsing Lyrics (Audio)

For more than 20 years, Blackalicious have been a beacon of dope in the Hip-Hop landscape. From the capitol city of Sacramento, California, Gift Of Gab and Chief Xcel made distinct releases that exemplified the creative freedoms of the Underground Hip-Hop spirit, also while earning a place in the mainstream and major label system. The MCA Records deal may not have worked, but apparently even Daniel Radcliffe studied the Quannum Projects-released A2G EP.

Working towards their first album (Imani, Vol. 1, September 18) in more than a decade, the Solesides co-founders return to a style that puts releases like the aforementioned EP, Melodica, and Nia on an inspirational pedestal. For many Heads, this is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. “Blacka” premiered on Noisey.


Think Imani will be a return to form veteran Blackalicious Heads seek?

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