Chance The Rapper & Noname Gypsy Exercise Their Poetic Licenses With Wild Wordplay (Audio)

Chance The Rapper and Noname Gypsy made “Lost” on 2013’s Acid Rap. The two versatile Chicago, Illinois voices are back for another intersection. “Israel (Sparring)” elevates the craft of collaboration with this amazing display of stylized wordplay.

C.T.R. conjures images of Africa, The Bible, along with his own surroundings. In perfect time, Chance waxes a slow but complex flow, filled with compound bars. Later on, he draws out his cadence, perhaps an homage to mid-1990s Tupac (in the Hennessy reference, especially). Noname Gypsy begins her verse perfectly, as his ends, almost like a cipher. With a crispy delivery, she uses religious imagery, Blackness, and various poetic allusions. The verses shorten as the two go back-and-forth later in the song, before both show the range in their voices in one of the best collaborations 2015 has produced.

Cam O’bi’s slow and careful arrangement is deeply reminiscent of another Chi City independent outfit, All Natural.

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