Chris Rivers & Cory Gunz Flip a Brand Nubian Joint on Latest Freestyle (Audio)

In the latest addition to his ever-growing arsenal of Friday freestyles, Chris Rivers has enlisted the help of Cory Gunz for a flip of a Brand Nubian classic. After dropping verses on tracks originally by the Clipse, Dr. Dre, N.W.A., Jay Z, Black Moon, Big Pun, and more, the South Bronx MC continues to diversify his portfolio on a weekly basis in anticipation of his upcoming mixtape, M.C. (Medicated Consumption).

This time, it’s Brand Nubian’s 1992 single “All for One” that is getting the Chris Rivers treatment. Featured on their 1990 debut album One for All, “All for One” showcased the lyrical talents of Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, and Sadat X as the three MCs boast about their sexual exploits and skills on the mic. Rivers and Gunz take a page from Brand Nubian’s book on “Barz for All,” decimating the throwback hit with their contemporary stylings. First up is Gunz who spits for nearly two minutes (“respect the grind before the shit get street/they ain’t never step in line, they missin’ teeth/I’ll leave you hangin’ on your door, Christmas wreath”). Rivers finishes out the track with fire, including the line “Do or die, suicide, samurai/you the softest in the jungle, nigga, dandelion/dirty money, clean hands sanitized/it’s always quiet when I come through, pantomime.” Check it out, and stay tuned for an official release date for M.C.

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