D12 Is Still Dirty, With Dozens & Dozens Of Punchlines In A New Freestyle (Video)

In early 2014, it was reported that D12 was back in the lab with Eminem for the first time in a decade. Later in the year, on Shady XV, the Dirty Dozen was back on “Bane,” less Marshall Mathers (and Fuzz Scoota). Regardless of Em’s involvement, and with the massive vacancy left by Proof, the group pushes on.

On Tim Westwood’s show, Bizarre, Swifty McVay, and Kon Artis lineup the bars with incredible confidence, savvy, and that twisted sense of humor that all of the Detroit, Michigan MCs shared before the “Purple Pills” and platinum plaques. A slimmed down (“no shower cap”) Bizarre raps first, and seems to steal the show with what appears to be strong improvisation, and tons of raw, dark humor.

With three confirmed Eminem-supported D12 tracks in the can, is the world ready for the album?

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