Gangrene & Havoc Opt for Solemn Tribute to Sean Price on “Sheet Music” (Video)

The tragic passing of rapper Sean Price earlier this month has left much of the Hip-Hop community reeling, including those who have collaborated with P over the years. Gangrene, the duo comprised of the Alchemist and Oh No, are among those who established not only a musical relationship with the late Brownsville, Brooklyn MC but also a friendship, and their recently released video serves as an homage to both, but takes a particularly poignant approach to the latter.

In the visuals for “Sheet Music,” a single from their recent Mass Appeal release You Disgust Me, Gangrene chose to shoot a video that offers up no frills, no special effects, not even an appearance from Mobb Deep’s Havoc, who contributes a blistering verse to the track. Sean Price is also a featured guest, but in solemn contemplation of his death, Alchemist and Oh No made the creative decision to forgo any imagery depicting their fallen comrade, and instead the two spend the entire video sitting quietly, dressed in black clothing and in so doing, allow the song to do the talking and walking. Check out the video here, and visit Crowdrise to support Sean Price’s family in their time of need.

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