Homeboy Sandman’s Arrows Penetrate The Eardrums While Stating His Top 5 MCs (Audio)

After leaving Heads with a joint project with Blu in the closing week of 2014—Homeboy Sandman has been quiet, relatively speaking. The Queens, New York MC is plugging away as Stones Throw Records’ flagship Rap acts, alongside the returning artist, Guilty Simpson.

“Arrows” hits the center of the board. H.B.S. begins stating his Top 5 MCs (MF DOOM, Black Thought, Jay Z, Ghostface Killah, and Eminem). Producer Mondee freaks the organs and drums, while BoySand states his mantra deftly with clever bars and lots of cerebral wordplay (on baseball, sneakers, and New York City anthropology). Over the last seven summers, this MC makes an incredible case for why he deserves the widespread recognition—simply through skill and lyrical charm. Maybe he’ll be a common entry in Heads’ Top 5’s somebody.

Catch the addendum to his initial list at the end.

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