Lupe Fiasco Surprises Fans With Free Mixtape, ‘Pharaoh Height 2/30’ (Mix)

Lupe Fiasco Heads rejoice…the Chicago MC has released a surprise free project and with it a nod to the fans who have been following him since 2006. Eleven years ago, he released a series of three mixtapes entitled Fahrenheit 1/15, the same year he released his Platinum-selling studio debut, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. Now he’s released Pharaoh Height 2/30, a 6-track project that has many wondering whether it’s the first in a new trifecta of mixtape releases. Whether or not this latest release will prove to serve as an overture is yet to be determined, but it stands alone as a solid piece of Lupe’s lyrical and conceptual capabilities nevertheless.

The track list reads like a full sentence (“In Valleys Of Kings Pyramid Schemes”) and mixed in are Robert Glasper, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus-inspired cuts but the centerpiece remains Lupe’s message-driven lyrics. He references ancient aliens, Instagram’s role in superficiality, wack MCs, Bernie Sanders, and more. Hear the entire project here, and check out the track listing and details below. Fans can also download it from Hightail, the source Lupe Fiasco posted on Instagram when he announced the project.

1. “In” (4:45)

2. “Valleys” (5:38)

3. “Of” (1:18)

4. ‘Kings” (2:53)

5. “Pyramid” (2:30)

6. “Schemes” (6:24)

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