Oddisee Produced Finale’s Odds & Ends In Its Entirely (Album Stream)

After more than six years between albums, Detroit, Michigan MC Finale just released Odds & Ends. The MC who previously boasted production by Flying Lotus and J Dilla, extends his working relationship with Oddisee. Following 2009’s A Pipe Dream and A Promise, the 3-1-3 MC and the DMV producer (who also spits exceptionally) release the new album, in full. While Oddisee’s career and profile have catapulted since those late ’00s, Finale played the background, with an apparent hiatus from the constant release scene. The sophomore effort reveals that while on different tracks, both of these creatives have oly refined their already-celebrated skills.

Guests include Homeboy Sandman, Invincible, and Big Tone. These are Everyman themes, presented with gifted deliveries and stellar beats in the midst of a banner year from the Diamond District backbone. Mello Music Group continues to diversify its catalog with sure-shots across the map and the Hip-Hop landscape.

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