The Group Behind One of Hip-Hop’s Most Famous Samples Announces New Music 35 Years Later…

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From The Fugees’ multi-platinum album The Score to Spike Lee’s joints Crooklyn and 25th Hour, Heads have heard Cymande. The British-based Funk band pulled from across oceans, cultures and continents to build a band that would help define the sound of Hip-Hop, thanks to creating some of the most seminal breaks and grooves used by DJs and producers.

Formed in 1971, Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson’s band would sign with Janus Records to release a string of albums. Upon release and shortly after, these works, would be favored by Hip-Hop’s pioneering DJs such as Kool Herc, DJ Jazzy Jay, and Grandmaster Flash, thanks to records like “Bra,” “Dove,” and “Brothers On The Slide.” In 25th Hour, it is in fact Flash who spins the break in a famed club sequence. Grammy Award-winning Beck has also frequently covered the band in concert. In the 1980s and 1990s, from EPMD to De La Soul, MF DOOM to Poison Clan, Cymande lived on through samples.

Seven years following The Promised Land, Cymande would team with Paul Winley Records (Afrika Bambaataa, Harlem Underground Band) for the limited edition 1981 Arrival. Sought out by cult followers, the EP would be reissued sporadically throughout the next three decades.

Nearly 35 years later, Cymande—who has toured with six of its original members, has announced a return album. Ten tracks long according to Fact magazine, the A Simple Act Of Faith LP will arrive November 27.

01 Everybody Turn Rasta
02 Do It (this Time With Feeling)
03 Crazy Game
04 Sea Of Tears
05 All Or Nothing
06 No Weeping
07 God’s Highway
08 A Moment For Reflection
09 A Simple Act Of Faith
10 Everybody’s Doing Alright

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