Scarface & John Legend Question Faith & Prayer In Troubling Times (Audio)

Throughout Scarface’s career, in solo and group works, religion and God have been issues he regularly touches upon. From the ominous imagery of hits “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” and “A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die,” to the Kelly Price-assisted “Heaven” a decade later, Scarface’s relationship with spirituality is dynamic. Good and Evil drive the story-lines surrounding many ‘Face songs, and his intimate writing lets the listener gain access to his own virtues and vices, faith and skepticism, and joy and pain. This is a big ingredient in the recipe to Scarface’s iconic status as an MC.

From the upcoming Deep Rooted (September 4), Scarface extends the conversation. Joined by some fiery John Legend singing, “God” looks to the skies without great certainty. HipHop-N-More shares a song that finds Brad Jordan taking on the role of God in the first verse. In the second, the Houston, Texas veteran examines some recurring headlines that could lead many to believe that our prayers are not being heard. He also chastises some of his problems with organized religion in particular. Legend’s singing, very similar to his Academy Award-winning work on “Glory,” matches the message perfectly. “God” is not clear-cut, much like the subject, for many.

Could Scarface crossover yet again in his career with a song that fits the soul of the times?

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