Straight Outta Compton Got Ya Craving An Electro-Rap Vibe? One Of Dre’s Partners Delivers (Mix)

Whether you watch Breakin’ or you listen to The Chronic, you’ve heard the work of Chris “The Glove” Taylor. As moviegoers catch Straight Outta Compton to catch glimpses of Dr. Dre and DJ Yella in Los Angeles, California’s early 1980s Electro-Rap scene, The Glove was at the forefront. Ice-T’s first producer (who would work extensively on The Aftermath album and The Firm’s LP at the label) produced Electro, and Hip-Hop.

So who better than to throw together a half-hour mix the bridges the gap between Brass Construction and Zapp with A Tribe Called Quest and Slick Rick? The Glove delivers. His latest ’80s-rooted mix (which spills several times into the 1990s) contains: Kurtis Blow, Eric B. & Rakim, LL Cool J, Das-EFX, Slick Rick, Guy, Zapp, A Tribe Called Quest, Whodini, Boogie Down Productions, Brass Construction, and much more. The Glove stays at work on the cut, keeping things moving and interesting.

#Bonus Beat: Check this awesome personal photo The Glove showed Ambrosia For Heads of him, Dre, and another ’80s Hip-Hop master, King T (presumably during the Thy Kingdom Come sessions):


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