STS & RJD2 Find The Record-Hustler’s Mentality In The Digital Age (Video)

Perhaps the upcoming Straight Outta Compton N.W.A. biopic will show the Gangsta Rap group selling 12″ singles and tapes out of Eazy-E’s car. This is a documented part of history in the careers of not only N.W.A., but also T La Rock and DJ Jazzy Jay, E-40 and The Click, and The Living Legends, among many others.

STS and RJD2 both have that indie aesthetic. While the West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC and producer have both had their works pressed to vinyl and CD, they live in the digital era. “Trunk Of My Computer” juxtaposes the old school ways with the new school technology, as Sugar Tongue Slim takes a shoe-box of product around to various record dealers, while spitting his formed flows next to trunk.

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