The Weeknd Does Away With His Demons in Highly-Conceptual ‘Tell Your Friends’ Mini-Movie (Video)

The Weeknd is having what is likely the most successful season of his career, and his new album hasn’t even been released yet. On August 28, Beauty Behind The Madness is expected to drop and will certainly echo the success of “Can’t Feel My Face,” the album’s lead single that is currently dominating multiple charts, making it very difficult for any forthcoming tracks to follow. However, a newly released music video for a Kanye West-produced single may propel the Weeknd’s second studio album into household-name status.

In the video for “Tell Your Friends,” The Weeknd roams a desert-like landscape, setting the viscerally dark tone of the video almost immediately. He’s dragging a shovel, walking towards what is evidently a grave, one that holds a body wrapped in clear plastic. It is only when the mouth of the victim begins to move within its transparent shroud that we realize the body is in fact The Weeknd, whose doomed alter-ego seems to serve as a metaphor for the singer’s desire to rid himself of what’s holding him back.

The concept does not end there, and the remainder of the video (which is more accurately described as a micro-film) details yet another deadly encounter and The Weeknd’s eventual escape from the mental anguish put forth not only by the camera, but also by the song’s lyrics. Check out the video and an 18-minute sneak preview of Beauty Behind the Madness below.

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