Black Moon’s ‘Powaful Impak’ Is The Focus Of A Duck Down Feature Documentary (Video)

In looking at Hip-Hop artists and consistency, Heads regularly point to De La Soul, Outkast, and A Tribe Called Quest. There are acts who made extensive catalogs, by-and-large, never disappointing fan-bases. Is Brooklyn, New York trio Black Moon not one of them?

Buckshot, DJ Evil Dee, and 5FT have released three studio albums, that all made a Timberland-laced imprint on the culture. Beginning with 1993’s Enta Da Stage, the trio ultimately paved a road for not only the Boot Camp Clik, but eventually Duck Down Music. That label, run by Buck’ and Dru Ha, has produced an 85-minute documentary Behind The Moon.

With tons of rare, internal footage, Heads get unrivaled access to the onetime Nervous Records breakouts, as well as the late Sean Price, Smif-n-Wessun (as Cocoa Brovaz), Dru, Starang Wondah, and more. There’s concert footage, on the road moments, and interviews.

While Black Moon’s impact on Hip-Hop music and culture was never received with a gold plaque, a Grammy Award, or even a Top 10 (1999’s War Zone is the crew’s lone chart appearance), their “impak” is iconic. The B.C.C., Da Beatminerz, and so many more artists benefited from the Moon’s light.

Think that fourth Black Moon album is ever coming?

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