Chris Rivers Says ALL Lives Matter in This Blistering New Freestyle (Audio)

Chris Rivers has released another freestyle, as he’s done every week in recent memory as an extended, long-form way to celebrate the October release of his forthcoming project, M.C. (Medicated Consumption). This time around he opts for an Alchemist-produced classic from the Dilated Peoples, 2001’s “Worst Comes to Worst.” He’s brought along a lyrical side-kick, Oswin Benjamin who leaves all he’s got on the booth’s floor (“I trace lines on hard beats, that’s an EKG/they sayin’ ‘He KG the way the way he puts his power forward to the culture makin’ these slaves free’/your man cool, girl, but he ain’t me”). Rivers’ verse is no less impressive, as Heads have now come to expect. Check out “All Lives Matter” below.

What makes this week’s freestyle drop-off stand out from its predecessors is that it’s joined by the release of “Presidential,” the latest single from Rivers’ upcoming mixtape which features Bodega Bamz and Whispers. Listen to M.C.‘s second single and keep an ear open for more dope releases in the weeks leading up to the project’s release.

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