Did You Know Ice-T Was Once Arrested for Possessing a Bomb…Which Was Fake? (Video)

Anyone with an internet connection over the last 48 hours was made well aware of the story of Ahmed Mohamed, a high-school student in Texas whose incredible skills in science and engineering got him arrested. The 14-year-old constructed a working clock out of his pencil case and, in a moment of justifiable pride, he showed his teacher his impressive creation. Rather than a shower of acclaim and congratulations, the young boy was arrested for building a bomb. Since then, the twittersphere exploded in support of Mohamed, and within hours the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed was trending globally. Arguments that he wouldn’t have been arrested were he white (Mohamed is a Muslim whose family emigrated from Sudan) have dominated the ongoing conversation about his situation, but an invitation to the White House from President Obama and other gestures of tremendous support have nearly assured Mohamed the bright future he deserves.

Naturally, many of the politically-driven shows on television chose to devote a significant portion of their broadcasts yesterday to the story. On Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” host Larry Wilmore discussed Mohamed’s arrest with a panel, which included Ice-T, who shared a strikingly similar story from his own life. Evidently, he purchased a clock designed to look and sound like a bomb from a local mall’s novelty gift shop, and he was promptly arrested after authorities caught wind. Check out the clip to see how the story ends, and to hear he insightful commentary of the other panel members.

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