DJ Spinna Recreates A 1980s Party Through Blending Breaks, Early Rap & Groove (Mix)

DJ Spinna is one of Hip-Hop’s most versatile mixmasters. The Brooklyn, New York native has shined a light on House, Funk-Rock, and the all-encompassing genius of Stevie Wonder, while introducing The Jigmastas, Polyrhythm Addicts, as well as early works by MCs ranging from Eminem to J-Live, Thirstin Howl III to Haitus Kaiyote.

In a just-released hour-plus mix, Spinna aims to recreate the seminal Hip-Hop party vibe. Simply called “DJ Spinna in B-Boy Mode,” the DJ/producer goes in on some early 1980s Rap records, from The Fearless Four to Run-DMC to LL Cool J. In between, the Beyond Real founder adds in some peripheral Hip-Hop-aware sounds from Malcolm McLaren, The Art Of Noise, and more. Some of the 12″ records heard in 1970s park jams are also featured, breakbeat-infused james by Bob James, Ramsey Lewis, even Progressive Rock mainstay Rush. This is free-form Hip-Hop with dancers and groovers in mind. This is the perfect playlist for parties and get togethers that are upbeat, and unpredictable.