J-Live Freestyles Heat While Scratching A Loop On The Turntables (Audio)

Throughout his 20-year career, J-Live has been a triple threat. The MC, DJ, and producer named his label (for a while in the 2000s, at least) after his vast gifts. In the live show, and at select times on albums, the Brooklyn, New Yorker stood behind the turntables and kicked a lil’ somethin’ while cuttin’ back and forth—a routine similar to that of Large Professor and Edan.

On “You’re The One,” a fresh freestyle from Justice, he arranges a ’60s Soul needle-drop routine behind the decks, and kicks a stylish verse on the mic. His lyrical finesse is mean, with an aggressive and cohesive series of bars, scratches and tempo gaining momentum to boot. This is raw Hip-Hop, in two improvisational minutes.

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