Janet Jackson & Missy Elliott Team Up to Set the Dance Floor on Fire (Audio)

Both Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott are making their way back to the spotlight after some times away. They worked together twice in the 2000s, but the R&B-Pop superstar and the Hip-Hop mainstay have both appeared to have been less than interested in the musical space in the 2010s. “BURNITUP!” arrives out of seemingly nowhere, and shows how much the party was lacking without both women.

High energy, the Funk-tinged collaboration tells the DJ to throw it on. Janet’s vocals are slightly treated, but unmistakable. Missy accents the singing with some of her own ageless, playful raps. Great on the dance floor, great in the car, and burnin’ for the workout, these two pop queens can seemingly lose no steps in taking time away. Instead, the void is realized, and then filled.

How do you feel about (what Missy calls) Janet’s “brand new style”? Is this the best Missy x Janet collabo yet?

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