Raury Refuses To Be Boxed In. He Taps Tom Morello & Redefines the Atlanta Sound (Video)

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In just over a month (October 16), Raury will his next album, All We Need. The Columbia Records sensation follows up his Indigo Child breakthrough with a continued message of hope, peace, and fellowship.

In subject matter, in fashion, and in attitude, the Atlanta, Georgia native MC/singer is quite unlike his peers. Often, his music defies genre labels altogether, channeling Blues, Rock, Folk, R&B, and then Hip-Hop. “Friends” teams Raury with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave). With a global message of unity, the Pop-tinged song may be likened more to ’80s acts like The Police than some of the artists he’s traditionally associated with (see: Andre 3000). Morello, who is currently touring with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, takes on a guitar solo at the end. However, those seeking those aggressive chops heard on R.A.T.M. and even alongside Boots Riley is Streetsweeper Social Club may be disappointed. This time, one of music’s revered guitarist plays his instrument less like an axe, and more like an olive branch.

For the video, Raury shows the power of social media to make virtual friends into real ones. He and his friend Jeremy travel from Atlanta to Chicago and, instead of flying, they decide to take a road trip, hitting up various friends they’ve amassed through social media for rides. They chronicle the entire experience on film, in what is one of the more creative and uplifting videos of the year. It’s a visual representation of just how outside the box Raury’s approach to art is.

In the line of Gnarls Barkey, The Gorillaz, and Aloe Blacc, could Raury be music’s next unlikely Hip-Hop crossover?

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