Sheek Louch & Pusha T Keep It Hardcore… In Rap & In Life. (Audio)

Sheek Louch and Pusha T have weathered the industry storms. Two products of the 1990s, these MCs with East Coast and Down South audiences have stayed consistent to the craft of MC’ing, while always speaking to the streets that made them. This duality may be the key to longevity, while peers have hit ground.

“Bang Bang” finds that balance. From Louch’s Silverback Gorilla 2 album (originally planned to release tomorrow, September 18), King Push and Donnie G play with Dancehall lyrics and fired shells as the percussion. As predicted, the song is an onslaught of weapon wordplay. Pusha Ton uses his feature effectively, bestowing the LOX member with an exciting boost.

What do you attribute Sheek and Push’s career endurance to?

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