JR & PH7 Are Beatmakers for Some of Hip-Hop’s Most Respected MCs. Hear Why (EP Stream / Video) (EP Stream / Video)

Cologne, Germany production duo JR & PH7 has amassed a career that includes an extensive list of collaborators, from Sean Price to King Mez, Phonte to Freeway. From Europe, this combined force of beat-makers has been a driving ambassador of the talent abroad.

Already in 2015, JR & PH7 teamed with Sacramento, California’s Chuuwee for The South Sac Mack, a project so compelling, it featured companion instrumentals. Never resting, the duo moved quickly into Noir, a Soulspazm Records EP boasting appearances by Chu’, as well as Willie The Kid, and Golden Rules’ Eric Biddines.

Single “We Do Our Thing” is emblematic to JR and PH7’s combined sound. A four-MC cut featuring Willie, MaLLy, P. Blakk, and Fabrashay (in that order), the group presented a lyric video to bring attention to the hungry creatives.

“For this EP, we wanted to create a short album with an array of dope up and coming artists that we we believe deserve more recognition in Hip-Hop today. The theme of the record is inspired by Film Noir from the last century, specifically by its multifaceted complex characters who always remain ambiguously in the dark,” said JR of the EP, and its direction upon the visual. “Production-wise, we tried to paint a sound canvas that is not exclusively dark but that reflects this ambiguousness, thus adding this new interesting perspective to our sound of nicely chopped samples and hard knocking drums.” With that framework, the pair encouraged guests to impress their on creative whims. “Based on this, we gave the MCs free range to do whatever they felt, trusting their ability to create stories around the sound of the record.”

The entire Noir EP is available for stream and purchase:

With Noir capturing its own vibe, it’s important to look at the range of the pair, who despite the geographical challenges, has been visible through constant videos with their busy release schedule. Even if for their own albums, PH7 and JR seem to tailor-make their sounds for the MC guests. The group with an ear for talent stays focused on working with vocalists that in their stride. Throughout the last six years (see below), Heads can hear the range from the two men who first bonded over an offensive voicemail greeting on PH7’s phone. JR knew he found a partner with not only a similar sound and skill, but the same sense of humor and attitude.

Visit JR & PH7’s Bandcamp page. Follow the pair on Twitter. Check out Soulpazm’s website.

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