Hip-Hop Has No Age or Geographic Boundaries. These Portuguese Graffiti Grandmothers Are Proof (Video)

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Lata65 is an organization in Lisbon, Portugal highlighting the global prevalence of Hip-Hop culture to a demographic that isn’t necessarily associated with it. The street-art focus of the organization is commonplace enough, but the ages of its members make it a uniquely wonderful community. Ranging from ages 59-60, Lata65 (which translates roughly into “Over 65”) artists are encouraged to explore their interest in street art and graffiti, and are given the tools by which they can create their own works. Dubbed the “graffiti grannies” of Portugal, these women (and the smaller yet no less inspiring group of men) are given not only an avenue by which to express their artistic inclinations, but also less tangible benefits like, as shared by one member in the video below, the rush of doing something the police might not be too thrilled about.


According to an article published at the Guardian, the artists in the making take part in a two-day workshop that begins with a history of graffiti, “covering everything from tagging (which elicits tuts of disapproval from some of the women) to the stencil-based work of British artist Banksy and others.” The participants are even encouraged to come up with nicknames so that they can tag freely without fear of apprehension by authorities, but as writer Trish Lorenz shares, “arrest is not something to worry about: the walls they will paint are supplied by Lisbon city council’s Galeria de Arte Urbana.” The pupils are then shown how to design and cut stencils, use spray paint, and more. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of them in their full glory.

Thanks to Fab 5 Freddy for tweeting this and bringing it to our attention!

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