Kanye Once Told Freddie Gibbs He Was Mediocre. Now He’s Rhyming With Yasiin Gaye (Audio)

Golden Rules continues to have the golden touch. Paul White and Eric Biddines’ late summer album is still making its rounds with those in the know, and those hearing the potent production and Southern drawl.

One of the Lex Records release standouts is “Never Die,” featuring Yasiin Bey (f/k/a Mos Def). Paul White goes back to the boards to remix the album cut, with a whole new beat and adding Freddie Gibbs to the mix. Yasiin and Gangsta Gibbs may run in overlapping circles in Hip-Hop, but this moment shows that the two very different MCs sound great together, mutual products of sharp wordplay and dialectic slang.

Gibbs’ verse retraces his lowest days in the late 2000s, between an Interscope deal and his eventual come-up (he recalls Kanye West not exactly feelin’ his records). Yasiin and Eric’s words also tow the line of never, ever, giving up. Paul’s switches only add to the drama of the song, with a building beat.

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