Black Lives (& Bodies) Are Being Championed Through Song & Imagery From Supastition (Video)

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In what may be the most recent example of the relationship between art and life, North Carolina MC Supastition has released an unflinchingly direct examination of race in America in the form of “Black Bodies,” the latest single from June’s The Gold Standard. The accompanying video’s release comes just hours after footage of a Black high-school student being assaulted by a police officer began circulating on the internet, adding kindle to a contentious fire that has been burning in this country for years (and, for many, centuries). While the full story of what led to the aggressive arrest is not entirely clear, it seems to show yet another example of the misuse of police authority directed at a person of color, and while we may not know if Supastition dropped his visuals today as a response, the song’s message is clear: Black Bodies matter.

Replete with archival footage of rallies across the country, particularly those in response to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, “Black Bodies” delivers its call to action through the thoughtfully constructed bars from Supastition and the adrenaline-inducing production from Praise. Supastition, a collaborator of KRS-One, Little Brother, Ras Kass, RZA, and others is not a freshman when it comes to thought-provoking and politically driven content, and his latest is no different. Check out the searing video below and pick up a copy of The Gold Standard on iTunes.

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