DJ Premier Recreates Gang Starr’s “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight”…On The Spot (Video)

Earlier this month, DJ Premier joined Royce Da 5’9″ and Adrian Younge for the first concert with all three PRhyme members. The October 13 Gramercy Theatre event also marked PRhyme’s first public New York City show. AFH was in the building to catch the historic moment, which also included Younge’s band.

During an intermission, DJ Premier got busy, showing show-goers how a few signature “Works Of Mart” tracks came to be. With Guru present in spirit, Preemo traveled back to 1991, and the Step Into The Arena single to recreate “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight.” Watch the footage capture DJ Premier in deep concentration as he uses two turntables, a mixer, and his laptop. At the 0:40 mark, the unmistakable Gang Starr symphony comes together, and still sounds incredible 24 years later. DJ Premier then proceeds to deconstruct his sound, while keeping the beat rocking.

Longtime Preemo Heads will notice that the two turntables are split by the mixer, which is a newer look for the iconic DJ who famously re-arranged the traditional set-up to have two decks side-by-side, with the cross-fader and levels on the end.

#BonusBeat: AFH also caught DJ Premier load up the “Full Clip,”  with its dusty Latin Jazz basis. Even on the other side of the universe, this will make you put your L’s up. Big L, Guru, and HeadQCourterz forever…

Oh, and Preemo did this with “10 Crack Commandments” too…

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