DMX May Truly Be Rakim’s Biggest Fan. Watch Them Meet To See Why (Video)

Two years ago, DMX and Rakim released collaborative single “Don’t Call Me.” The two storied New York City MCs worked together for the first time on the song, and had only ever met briefly before. Street Heat TV cameras recently caught the multi-platinum DMX in rare form when he encountered “The God MC.”

X, known for his wild antics, embraces the Eric B. & Rakim co-founder, recites several verses verbatim, and explains why he favored Ra’ in the “Rakim vs. Big Daddy Kane” debates of his youth. The Yonkers, New York artist even declares that he is, definitively, Rakim’s “biggest fan.” Just like DMX, this is raw—in the best way possible.

It’s equally interesting to listen to Rakim qualify DMX as a savior of “hardcore Hip-Hop” for his domineering late 1990s, early 2000s run, which arguably set the table for Rakim’s own comeback, of sorts.

As Hip-Hop debates generational breaks and perspectives this week, is this sign of solidarity and an example of greater unity in the culture?

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