If Curren$y Was A Super Hero, He’d Protect Cars From Vandals & Angry Exes (Video)

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One of Curren$y’s biggest hits to date is 2010’s “Michael Knight.” The Pilot Talk II single about the MC’s late ’80s Chevrolet Corvette helped take the skies and the streets at once. Speaking with Complex, Spitta revealed that if he were a super hero, cars would also be a key part of his identity.

“Bow Tie Man,” as the Jet Life leader dons himself, would get his name from the historic Chevy bow-tie emblem. “Chevrolet fanatic” is the nickname Curren$y establishes, and fittingly so. The New Orleans, Louisiana native says he would protect all the nice, custom cars in the world from vandals, particularly those with jagged keys. “Angry ex-girlfriends” would be his arch nemeses, as supreme car defacers. In plotting his body-shop/garage lair, Spitta sees two vintage Chevy Impalas (1959 and 1996) for day and night moves, and uses his real-life English Bulldog as his trusted sidekick.

As a note, villains get one nasty whoopin’, as illustrated by Complex.

In real life, Spitta maintains a car restoration shop. Dreams can be realities.

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