Jeezy & Janelle Monae Find Reason To Celebrate Life’s Triumphs (Audio)

There is a reason Jeezy named an album The Inspiration. The Atlanta, Georgia rapper has made massive music about beating the odds, and upward mobility. While his imagery and narrative is often very specific to his own circumstances, the CTE/Def Jam Records mainstay has won over listeners with vastly different experiences through his ability to relate to many, and provide arena-like sounds.

“Sweet Life” is the latest entry in a busy week for the veteran, who attended the Justice Or Else March in Washington, D.C. alongside onetime mentor Puff Daddy. After releasing a free thematic EP, Politically Correct (available below), the U.S.D.A. alum makes another song that’s a bit different than his 2015 output. Alongside one of Puffy’s proteges, Janelle Monae, Jeezy makes a song about those green pastures after the grind. With sweet melody, and a warmer vibe from the Snowman, this has mainstream potential for Jeezy celebrating 10 strong years as a soloist.

#Bonus Beat: Here is Politically Correct:

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